About Ramnagar Seed Farm

Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd (RSFPL) was started in 1994 in Ramnagar, 22 km away from Burdwan town by Mr Alhaz SK Durjan, inspired by Dr D. Konar (Ex-Director of Agriculture & Ex-Officio Secretary, Department of Agriculture, West Bengal) as “Ramnagar Gramin Seed Farm” which transformed as “Ramnagar Seed Farm” under proprietorship of Mr SK Abdul Zabbar in 1996. By end of 1997, the farm was reframed as a Partnership Firm with Mr SK Abdul Zabbar, Mr SK Alauddin and Mr SK Nuruddin partners of “Ramnagar Seed Farm”. In 2011, the company was renamed as “Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd” and the Board of Directors were appointed – Mr Alhaz SK Abdul Hakim as Chairman and Mr SK Abdul Zabbar as Managing Director of the company, the other Directors being Mr Alhaz SK Durjan, Mr Alhaz SK Khorjan, Mr SK Alauddin and Mr SK Nuruddin.

In April, 2019 Mr Tapas Konar (Ex CEO & Director – Utkal Tubers India Pvt Ltd, Ex-National Sales Manager – JK Agri Genetics Ltd) joined as Chief Executive Officer to help the company to explore its business in PAN India level. The same year, the company appointed Dr D. Konar as Chief Advisor and Dr V.N. Kulkarni, Director, Fumolin Seeds Pvt Ltd and Advisor to Nath Seeds (Ex R&D Head for JK Agri Genetics Ltd) as Chief Consultant for Crop Breeding & Bio Technology Research. Mr SK Sahajahan takes care of operational activities as Vice President – Operations of the company.

With only 220 MT of varietal paddy seeds production back in 1994, currently the farm is one of the fastest growing seed company in India with two separate Cold Storages with storage capacities of 400 MT & 600 MT respectively for Vegetable & Field Crops seeds. The company also owns warehousing capacity amounting to 2,50,000 Sq Ft at Ramnagar with 15 processing machines to process and pack 20,000 MT output. The annual growth rate of RSFPL is 20% over the year 2018. The company is poised to go greater heights with its renewed focus on R&D and strong intent to invest in innovation by the management to deliver all brand promises. With one of the largest array of crop germplasm in the country, RSFPL has a huge portfolio of drought and disease resistant as well as high yielding field and vegetable crops seeds. The company markets its products under the brand name of ‘Sonali Phasal’.