Production in RSFPL is divided into 6 broad categories and Chairman, MD & CEO of the company directly monitor these production processes end-to-end.

  • OPV Paddy, Improved Paddy, Oilseed Production – Mr Alhaz Sk Abdul Hakim
  • Wheat Production – Mr Sk Abdul Zabbar
  • Jute, SSG, AP Production of OPV Paddy – Mr Sk Abdul Zabbar
  • OPV Vegetables & Hybrid Vegetables Production – Mr Tapas Konar
  • Hybrid Paddy, Hybrid Maize & Hybrid Bajra Production – Mr Tapas Konar
  • Hybrid Vegetables Production – Mr Tapas Konar

RSFPL has production centres in PAN India level as per Crop fitment and as per climatic suitability. A large production team is engaged to ensure best quality produce as per the changing need of the farming community. The aim of RSFPL is to offer best quality seeds to the farming community at an affordable price.

Company has its own processing unit at Ramnagar & leased processing units across India which are dedicated only for RSFPL material processing.

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Watermelon Baruni