From the desk of CEO

Tapas Konar

Chief Executive Officer

As we already have entered in 2023, first of all I wish all of you a very happy New Year full with joy, merriment, good health and success.

As we predicted a very good season for wheat business, it was indeed. But in case of Mustard we are apprehending down fall in our expected business leading to more sales returns and a nosedive to our bottom line targets.

We have managed to liquidate our maize stocks and also our Hy Paddy Liquidation is quite enthusiastic. Now we have already floated our distributor club scheme to facilitate the intangible benefits to the distributors and as a result of more profit our trade partners got self motivated and promoting our product on their own.

We have done very well in International business and all credit goes to Mr. Partha Ganguly.

Dr Sudeshna Panja has toiled very hard to established our R&D unit at Ramnagar and we are thankful to her for her contribution .

I wish you a good health and prospect in this very Happy New Year 2023.



Warm Regards,
Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd