From the desk of CEO

Tapas Konar

Chief Executive Officer

I am very happy to pen down the Final Reports for FY 22-23. It is a matter of great pleasure that Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd. has grown by 65% under Corporate Operation over last year. Inspite of a very bad sentiment of maize cultivation, company has managed to cross its targeted ‘Top Line’ & ‘Bottom Line’ numbers. Corporate Division has registered a mighty growth under vegetable seeds, inspite of very bad market condition for Tomato & Watermelon crops.

Our Hybrid & Improved Vegetable seeds have been liked by the farmers of Eastern Zone. Our Hybrid Bhindi – RSF 1133, Mouna, Hybrid Tomato – King Kong, Duronto, Saujanya, Hybrid Ridge Gourd – Nisha, Hybrid Chilli – Tikha, Hybrid Cucumber – Sihi, Hybrid Bitter Gourd – Shatakshi & Ranu have set an outstanding performance everywhere. Our Improved Cucumber – Volga & Ostego, Improved Pumpkin – Samrat & Sundari, Improved Bitter Gourd – George have been liked very well by the farmers of West Bengal & Assam.

Our Improved Mustard – Ulka has got an overwhelmed appreciation by the farmers of West Bengal.

We have inaugurated our ‘R&D – House’ at Ramnagar in its state-of-the-art cold storage facilities with dehumidifier on 25th February 2022. We have organised a very successful ‘Top 50 Distributor Meet’ at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Salt Lake on 23rd & 24th February 2022. We have a very successful Annual Corporate Conference at Hyatt Regency on 22nd /23rd February 2022.

Mr. Partha Ganguly has joined us as Country Manager International Business and we have started our export business from 1st April 2022. I am thankful to all the investors, partners and colleagues for their whole hearted support in the last financial year.

I wish a very successful financial year ahead to all my colleagues and business partners!

Warm Regards,
Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd