Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is one of the noble works which a corporate house can do for the betterment of the society. Of late the concept of ‘Good Living’ has been changed greatly. Earlier good living concept was confined to a particular person and his/her family. Now, it is understood that a person or an individual or a family can happily live if his/her society is free from all sorts of problems and offers a ‘good living’ under one broad umbrella to its habitat. Thus our organization executes social welfare works not only as a part of legal compliances, but also it gives an immense pleasure to support our society & eco system in which our organization has been groomed. Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd always undertakes CSR activities proactively. Following CSR activities have been carried out by the organization:

Free distribution of food-kit to the BTL level villagers of 10 villages at Bhatar block
in April 2020 to support the fight against CORONA COVID 19.

The organization has contributed, Rs. 150000 through BDO sir to “Chief Minister’s
Emergency Relief Fund”.

Every year company organizes a ‘Free Lunch Programme’ for the people of nearby villages
where 200 people takes lunch at company premises.

Company has extended its support in different relief works like:
In 2018 at Harischandrapur, Malda flood relief-company contributed Rs 25000/- In 2015 at Madhubani Bihar, flood relief- company has contributed Rs 20000/-In 2017, at Madhubani Bihar, flood releif- company has contributed Rs 25000/-

Relief works for poor villagers
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