From the desk of CEO

Tapas Konar

Chief Executive Officer

The essence of seed is its quality. Seed business starts and ends at seed quality. There is no other way one can successfully establish and operate a seed company. The proverb “what we sow that we reap” is wonderful reflection of seed quality too. Here, at Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd our prime focus is to offer seeds of best quality standards to our farming community at an affordable price. All hybrid seeds are being marketed after rigorous field trials and genetic purity clearance reports.

Our focus is to grow in new territories as well as product portfolio-wise. For last one year there has been a lot of transformation in the company after its inception of Corporate Operation. In addition to the supply of high yeidling varities, we have started focusing on Hybrid Paddy, Hybrid Maize, Hybrid Vegetables. With the introduction of 72 products in Hybrid vegetables, company has an array of complete range of products in most of the crops. We have registered 20 % annual growth in FY 2019-20 over 2018-19. We are hopeful to scale up this trend in next 5 years. Congratulations to the management and all teams for this spectacular performance. We are also happy that we have now Dr V N Kulkarni, Director, Fumolin Seeds Pvt Ltd and Advisor to Nath Seeds (Ex R&D Head for JK Agri Genetics Ltd) for guiding our R and D activities as consultant.

Serving last reachable customer is our motto. Organization is focussing on faster and smarter services to the customers. We have built a state-of-the-art set up of two cold storages at our own campus having capacities of 600 MT & 400 MT. Our Board has taken decision to release indents latest by 48 hours and we are completely restructuring our logistics for that. This will certainly be helpful to our trade partners.

We are in the process of building a fabulous sales team as sales gives oxygen to any commercial house. A good salesman can convert a bad market into a good one, and a bad salesman can destroy a good market within no time! We have designed many retention programmes for our sales staffs. We welcome aggressive professionals to join our organization.

Threat of Covid -19 has been a global threat now. India is also fighting strongly to combat with this menacing disease. The onset of this disease just prior to Kharif season is really unfortunate! During this ‘Lock Down’ period our Team and Directors are working day & night to deliver good quality seeds to the farming community as Agricultural Operation is an ‘Essential Service’. All sorts of safety measures like operation with 30% manpower, maintaining social distance, covering mouth through masks, frequent use of sanitiser and hand wash etc have been mandatory practices for all those who are working in farm or in the marketplace. I am thankful to entire family of RSFPL for this relentless activities apart from showing solidarity to the people of near by villages by offering food packets in the midst of lock down. I pray to the Almighty for a quick end of this dark era. I wish good health for all of you.

I am very much thankful for continuous support from our Chairman, Managing Director, Advisor & VP–Operations for smooth operations of Corporate Business. I express my sincere gratitude to other Directors for their assistance at any point of time.

Wish you all a very happy season ahead!

Warm Regards,
Ramnagar Seed Farm Pvt Ltd